Starostwo Powiatowe w Radomiu, Powiat Radomski

Powiat Radomski


The County of Radom is situated in the southern part of the Mazovia province, covering the area of 1530 km2, and has more than 144 thousand inhabitants. The northern part of the county is placed within the Kozienice Lowland, southern part – in the Iłża Foreland, whereas the central part covers the Radom Lowland. The most of 13 self-governing units are rural communes: Gózd, Jastrzębia, Jedlińsk, Jedlnia Letnisko, Kowala, Pionki, Przytyk, Wierzbica, Wolanów, Zakrzew; two of them are urban-rural communes: Iłża and Skaryszew, whereas Pionki with twenty thousand citizens is a municipality. Inhabitants of towns are only 20% of the total population of the county.
An undoubted advantage of the county is its location in the centre of Radom sub-region, at the intersection of strategic transport routes. Additionally the county is the direct neighbourhood of Radom, the second biggest city in Mazovia, right after Warsaw and a significant academic, shopping and service centre. In the county of Radom there are territories valuable for their natural qualities. Many places are famous for their recreational and landscape values. The communes of Pionki, Jastrzębia and Jedlnia Letnisko are partially located in the area covered by the Kozienicka Forest and its environmental protection zone. In the village of Siczki (the commune of Jedlnia Letnisko) there is a nature reserve with mineral water springs. In the commune of Gózd there is a deposit of peat, which has a direct influence on the peculiar microclimate in this region. The vicinity of Iłża is an interesting forestland with never freezing springs.
In several villages of the county of Radom there are historical facilities, churches, mansions, parks and other sites related to the history of the region. A great tourist amenity of the county is also one of the biggest in Mazovia artificial water reservoir in Domaniów, around which the agritourist activity develops dynamically. Przytyk and a few neighbouring communes are the biggest pepper cultivation area in Poland. The village is also a host for the annual National Pepper Fair. The county of Radom is associated with many exceptional and unique business and cultural events, often with many-year tradition. One of them is ‘Wstępy’ – the horse fair organised in Skaryszew on the first Monday and Tuesday of the Lent. The fair organisation privilege dates back to the 15th century. Apart from farmers, merchants and tourists, particularly from Italy and Germany, have been visiting the fair for decades.
Another, equally colourful event is the rite of the ‘Decapitation of Death’ held at the beginning of spring in Jedlińsk. The settlement used to have civic rights and valuable privilege of sword. Not only inhabitants of Jedlińsk, but also media and many interested people from the whole country are attracted by this unique custom every year.
All communes in the county of Radom are open for investors, providing them with favourable economic and tax conditions for business activity.



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