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The emblem of the county of Radom is divided in two parts (vertically). In the red field on the right – on the left when looking from the viewer’s perspective – there is a silver half-eagle. In the light blue field on the left – on the right when looking from the viewer’s perspective – there are thirteen golden stars in five rows, and underneath – a golden stylised letter R. The eagle was taken over from the present emblem of Mazovia province making reference to heraldic tradition of the dukes of Mazovia, in particular to the image of an eagle on the big seal of Siemowit III, the Duke of Czersk, Rawsko, Wisko and Płock (the 14th century). The reason behind the use of the eagle on the emblem of the county of Radom is to express the relationship between the county and the Mazovia province after the new administrative division. The second element of the emblem shield is a stylised capital letter R making reference to the name of the county and in addition symbolising the historical relationship with the city of Radom, that also has the letter R in the emblem.
The colour of the left-side field (light blue) and golden stars were taken over from the emblem of the Sandomierz province, to which the county of Radom belonged by the end of the 18th century. Thus, the task of these elements of emblem is to make a reference to historical and heraldic tradition reminding the relationship of the present county of Radom with the former Sandomierz province. The number of stars symbolises 13 self-governing units forming the county of Radom.
In the emblem of the county, silver may be replaced with white, and gold with yellow.

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The flag of the county of Radom is made up of four horizontal stripes and the emblem of the county put in the centre. It has the character of an emblem flag. The surface of the flag was divided into four parts – two wide outer zones and two narrow inner zones. The colours of the zones refer to the colours of the emblem. The upper outer zone is white and comes from the silver colour of the right field of the emblem (the eagle), while the lower outer zone is yellow and comes from the gold colour of the left field of the emblem (the stars and the letter R). The upper inner zone is red and comes from the background of the right field of the emblem and the lower inner zone is blue and comes from the left field of the emblem.



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